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Course Resource Lists

The Gottesman Libraries' Course Reserves Platform


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I or my course assistant/deputy get help with my Course Resource List?

Please email

If I upload a list of citations, how long will it take for my list to be completed?

We process requests in the order received, and strive to do so as quickly as possible; in the first weeks of, and those just preceding, the start of a new term, it may take the libraries a few weeks to process your request. We encourage sending your requests as soon as possible. You can upload a list or begin working on your list 90 days before the start of a new term.

If I add a item to my list, and it is marked “Being Prepared,” how long will it take to be completed?

As above, we strive to process your resources as quickly as possible. Depending upon how many you add/request, and how close to the start of the new term they are submitted, it may take us a few weeks to process your items. If you would like to indicate the date by which a particular resource is needed, we will do our best to accommodate your request; you can do this using the Library Discussion feature of your list or emailing

The Library prepared a list for me at the start of the term; how can I add additional items after this?

There are a few ways you can do this; see the Request an Addition to Your List page, or please feel free to email with your requested addition.

What is a “fair use excerpt”?

This varies from resource to resource, and each determination should be made on a case-by-case basis; please read more on our Copyright page. Generally, the smaller, and less significant, the excerpt you are requesting the better. The Libraries will always try to acquire your resource in electronic format first, if possible. If the resource is only available in print, we will digitize a single requested excerpt from the resource, in accordance with fair use guidelines, and place the print copy on physical reserve at the library. We thank you, in advance, for understanding that we must comply with copyright restrictions when preparing Course Resource Lists.

How can I link or add items from my Course Resource List to my Modules in Canvas?

To embed an item from your Course Resource List to a Module in you Canvas course, follow these steps.

To embed an item from your Course Resource List to a Page in your Canvas course, follow these steps.

To retrieve a link from a library resource on your list, you can refer to this Guide to finding and sharing permalinks to library resources.

I have used library Course Reserves in the past, will my previous items automatically be in the new Course Resource List platform?

Only course reserves requests from Spring 2022 onward are in the new Course Resource List system, but if you have a list of citations you can submit to the library (see the Upload a List page or email we would be pleased to create your list for you.

Why I am receiving an error message when I try to view my list in Canvas Student View?

Because of the way Course Resource Lists are configured, the platform is unable to verify your credentials when you are in Canvas Student View. Instead, please view your list from your regular Canvas Instructor View, and utilize the View list as a student option from directly within your Course Resource List.

Further Questions? Please email