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Course Resource Lists

The Gottesman Libraries' Course Reserves Platform

How to Add a Collaborator to Your List

Instructors of a course are automatically "owners" of their Course Resource List (whether you request the library create your list, or whether you create the list yourself), but you may wish to add a collaborator.

  • To add a collaborator to your list, click on the arrow next to Collaborators and then click on Manage collaborators:

Viewing list collaborators, Manage collaborators circled

  • Type the name or TC email address of the collaborator you would like to add, then click on the name that populates (only TC instructors and those with “CA/TA+Grades” roles will populate) and click SEND INVITATION:

Collaborator name circled

Manage Collaborators, send invitation button circled

The collaborator need not do anything with the invitation; they can now edit the list.

If you cannot find your desired collaborator’s name email and we can add them (if the desired collaborator needs access to your course in Canvas, you will also need to contact contact DFI).

How to Manage and Remove Collaborators

To change a collaborator’s permissions, click on the arrow next to Collaborators and then on Manage collaborators:

Collaborators, manage collaborators circled

  • You can give a collaborator permission to manage the list by clicking on the arrow next to Can edit list and selecting Allow collaborator to manage the list; and then clicking SEND INVITATION

To remove a collaborator, click on the X next to their name and then click CLOSE:

Option to change collaborator permissions circled

Remove Collaborator x button circled

Managers can edit a list, add other collaborators, and delete a list.

Editors can edit a list, but cannot add other collaborators or delete a list.