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Course Resource Lists

The Gottesman Libraries' Course Reserves Platform

Linking to Your Zotero Account

You can also add items to your Course Resource List from your Zotero library. This just requires an initial setup to link to your Zotero account:

  • Click on your initials in the upper right corner and click on User Settings:

Course Resource List user menu, User Settings circled

  • In the “Citation Managers” section, you will need to enter the required Zotero values:

Course Resource List User Settings - Zotero Tab circled

How to Find the Values Needed to Link Your Zotero Account

Zotero User Menu, Settings circled

  • Click on Feeds/API

Your “userID for use in API calls” number (8764476 in the example below) is the User ID you will enter into your Course Resource List User Settings:

Zotero Settings - Feeds API section

  • Click on Create new private key
  • Type “Leganto” as the Key Description, and ensure Allow library access is checked and None is selected under “All Groups;” click Save Key:

Zotero New Private Key form filled

  • Save the alphanumeric key that has been created:

Zotero Key that was created


Finish Linking Your Zotero Account and Add an Item to Your List

  • Once you have retrieved your Zotero values, as below, enter the “userID for use in API calls” in the User ID field and the alphanumeric key you have created in the API Key field and click SAVE:

User Settings Zotero Tab with values filled in


  • Refresh your browser window and you should now see Zotero as an option when you click on ADD ITEMS+:

Add an Item - Zotero folder displaying

You can now drag and drop citations from your Zotero library to your list. The system will try to find a match with the library catalog--if the item is located it will be marked "Complete," if a match is not found, the item will be marked "Being Prepared" and the library will try to acquire the resource for you.

*If you still do not see Zotero as an option when adding items, try logging in and out of Canvas. If that does not work, verify your Zotero “userID for use in API calls” and the “Leganto” alphanumeric key you have created have been input correctly. Please feel free to reach out to the library by emailing for assistance with this setup!