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Course Resource Lists

The Gottesman Libraries' Course Reserves Platform

Installing the Cite It! Tool

The Cite It! tool allows you to add citations from websites directly to your Course Resource List.

  • To install, click on your initials in the upper right corner of the screen, and then click on “Cite It!”:

Course Resource List instructor menu, Cite It! option circled

  • Drag the “CITE IT!” button to your browser’s bookmark bar:

installing Cite It! tool, dragging Cite It! icon to browser bookmark bar

Example: Using the Cite It! Tool to Add a Video

Here, the Cite It! tool is used to add a film found while browsing on Kanopy.

  • Click on the Cite It! bookmark
  • An “Add this to my list” box will pop up; select the Resource Type (e.g. Video), the reading list you would like to add the resource to, and the section of the resource list (e.g. ‘Week 3”); the title and other information will automatically populate; click ADD & CLOSE:

Using Cite It! Tool to add a Kanopy video citation

The Cite It! tool will try to make a match to the library catalog; if it does not find a match based on the information provided, it will ask you if you would like to request a purchase of the resource.

In this case the library does not own this video, so a popup asks if you would like to request a purchase; if desired, check “New film purchase” and click CONFIRM:

Popup indicating item not owned, new film purchase circled

*The Cite It! tool automatically harvests data from a website, so it is always helpful to double check the information populated before you add the item to your list.

Saving Citations to My Collection

You can also use the Cite It! Tool to save citations to your "My Collection" folder, if you do not wish to add them to a Course Resource List right away.

  • In the "Add to" section, select My Collection:

Cite It! - My Collection button selected

  • You can view your collection from your Course Resource List, by clicking on ADD ITEMS and then selecting My Collection:

Course Resource List, My Collection circled

Course Resource List, My Collection folder contents displayed

You can then drag items from your Collection to your Course Resource List, if desired.