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Course Resource Lists

The Gottesman Libraries' Course Reserves Platform

How to Add a Resource using the "Other Resources" Form

  • To add another resource that may not be held at the library, click on the ADD ITEMS + buttons, then Other Resources:

Adding an item to list, Other Resources option circled

  • Select the Type (required) and enter a Title (required) and any other information (the more the better), such as ISBN or URL, select a Section to add the resource to, and click ADD:

Add other resource form, fields circled

The system will try to make a match with the library catalog. If the library does not own a copy of the resource entered, you will be prompted to request a new book purchase or new film purchase, if desired:

Library does not own resource form popup

The "Other Resource" will be marked "Being Prepared" once added to your list and will be marked "Complete" once the library processes your request (e.g. purchases your requested book, etc.).